About CryptoInvest

The Fund was created to implement management technologies with an immaculate track record in classical finance combined with rapidly growing crypto assets, and realize their fantastic potential.

For investors, Delta Crypto Invest is a chance to enter the investment business with minimal funds and make money on the technologies that are used by all modern hedge funds. Here you'll get your share from the Fund's commission fees for entry and management.

The pace of market growth leads many people to the crypto industry. Those who have never been engaged in such investments before.

Now you can invest in crypto assets in various ways:

#1 Choose one currency and buy it hoping for further growth. The main advantage is the minimum costs for analyzing and tracking the instrument. The main disadvantage is the unpredictability of the market: a strong downtrend will make you lose all the investments.

#2 Draw up your portfolio of several crypto currencies. The main advantage is the ability to avoid the risks associated with owning one asset. The main disadvantage is the need to devote considerable time to analyzing asset movements and monitoring the state of the portfolio.

#3 Invest in ICO projects. The main advantage is minimal investments in different types of economy with potentially high profitability. The main disadvantage is the risk of losing all funds on scam projects due to a lack of knowledge of the market.

#4 Invest in a mutual crypto fund. The main advantage is the diversification of risks, the engagement of professionals who manage the fund, no need to waste time analyzing markets. Investing in crypto assets through mutual crypto funds allows newcomers to enter the market. They have not yet figured out the specifics of the industry, but understand that one can now get such profits in this market that traditional markets could not offer.

The majority of investors lacking market experience, high risks due to the uncertainty of the external and internal environment, the obvious “bubble” in many crypto-active assets, the likelihood of fraud in some ICOs - all this may lead to the loss of significant funds in this market.

CryptoFund solves this problem by giving potential investors the opportunity to reduce their risks through:

  • the team’s experience in trading and finance
  • developed investment strategy aimed at earning money on any market movements
  • guarantees for maximum revenues and minimum risks through the personal investments of the founders in the Fund.

The experience of existing crypto funds suggests that even with the most conservative investment strategy, asset growth can reach minimum 200% against the US dollar even in the rst year of operation.

* Investments in the Fund may be subject to various risks, including counterparty risks, regulatory risks, the risks of theft, fraud, and so on.

* Managers of the fund are obliged to do everything possible to minimize all possible risks, while working to maximize the profit of the Fund.

* By sending cryptocurency to the Fund, you confirm that you understand all risks associated with the Fund and understand that you can incur losses up to the total loss of the invested cryptocurency, if any of these risks are realized.

* The Fund’s managers do not bear any responsibility for reducing the value of the Fund’s units in the event that these risks are realized, except for the possible loss of their personal investments in the Fund.

We are Experts!

Our mission is to provide cutting edge technology utilizing innovative tools to ensure that trading potential is maximized and that way increase Ethereum distributions to all affiliates. Increase Ethereum users and increase the number of transactions between them.


With the higher usage and wider adoption of Ethereum, the demand is always increasing. With a constant supply and increasing demand, the only factor in the equation that can budge is the price of Ethereum, which will inevitably have to increase. The trader’s partners platform provides cutting edge technology, utilizing innovative tools to ensure trading potential is maximized.